Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Green Gridiron Gift

Any non-sports greenies with die-hard, football-fan relatives know how difficult said relatives can be to shop for come birthdays and holidays. This year, however, I found salvation in a small publisher out of Delaware called Asgard Press that prints reproductions of vintage college football programs on notecards and calendars. AND they do it on 100-percent recycled paper with soy-based inks! They have most of the big sports schools covered—Auburn (my brother-in-law’s reason for being), Michigan, Army, Nebraska—as well as the Pac 10 and Ivy League. Classic rivalries such as Stanford/UC Berkeley and Harvard/Yale are also depicted.

Asgard also prints vintage Marvel Comic and Mad Magazine covers. The reproductions are such good quality that the calendar pages are frame-worthy once the year is over. Calendars are $18.95 and a set of 20 notecards (4 different images) is $19.95 at
By Green Shopper

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