Monday, November 17, 2008

Green gifts for presidential pets

History in the making: the first African-American president, the first non-Southern Democrat president since JFK, and news that the soon-to-be first family is getting a puppy—which has so many news anchors and bloggers speculating about the breed that we’ve nearly forgotten about the dismal state of our economy.

Despite plummeting stocks, it appears that all pets will be getting extra attention this season, according to a new Consumer Reports survey. Fifty-nine percent of polled respondents said that they plan on giving fewer gifts this season, but only 23 percent said they’d give fewer gifts to their pets. So how are you going to make your pup feel presidential? I’d suggest some Eco Bones from West Paw Design ($9.50 each). These colorful, nontoxic squeaky toys are made from the company’s trademarked fiber, ItelliLoft, which is a polyester made from recycled-plastic soda bottles. And if cats are your fancy, West Paw uses its Intelliloft in toy pumpkins, fish, flowers and turtles stuffed with certified-organic catnip ($5 and up).

For more info, see And as far as my vote for the Obamas’ dog of choice, I’m casting my ballot for a Shih Tzu, although in his first press conference after the election , Barack Obama, who incidentally graduated from Punahou, the top green Hawaiian school, he was leaning towards a mongrel, which in Hawaii is called a poi dog.

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There's a great review of several sources for green pet products by FLYP media. Check it out: