Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living Green: What's Your One Green Thing Today?

It's spring: time to refresh and revive this blog by hearing from you, the GreenerPenny community! In the comment section below, please share the green things you are doing in your everyday life. My book, Do One Green Thing: Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices, is a year old this month! You can read about it on my home page and click through to shopping lists and blog/articles at If you like, sign up for our free monthly newsletter filled with enviro news and healthy eco lifestyle tips.

If you have trouble posting your one green things below, email me at with what you'd like to say, and I'll post it for you.

Thanks so much--I'm excited to hear from you!


Patty said...

I am visiting a very environmentally conscious town, Arcata CA, and my daughter who goes to school here, only spends a little money like all college students, but what she spends is for sustainably free range meats and does her own compost, and I am doing my best! I visit the local coffee house that sends it's grounds for worm compost!

Heather said...

When my boyfriend and I moved in together, he said he'd do the dishes, but he wouldn't wash the plastic baggies that I throw into the sink to reuse. Last night he did all the dishes, including the plastic baggies! And, he is getting much better at putting the right thing into the right recycle bin. So. Cal--meet No. Cal.

The Waughs said...

I always unplug every appliance when not in use or when we leave the house. Just learned that you tv uses 10 percent of your monthly electric bill when it's off but still plugged in!

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Sue said...

Finding a way to minimize the unwanted flyers that come in our mailbox. I've been recycling them, yet when I saw that we were still contributing to tree loss, I committed myself to a Google search and beginning the process.

Sue said...

Update: I thought you might want to know, Mindy, that the online registration forms for both unsolicited direct mail and phone calls both go back to the main page, at least on my iPad.

It seems as if I should be routed to a payment page after completing the form, yet I am taken back to the original page. I've done website programming, so I'm not unfamiliar with what should happen.

So, my info is not getting through. Others might be experiencing the same problem. If this is an area in which might help or provide suggestions, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you.