Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Timberland's Green Shoes Walk the Talk

Trekkers and stylers, you can leave a lighter bootprint starting now! Timberland, which has pledged to go carbon-neutral by 2010, raises the bar for environmentally sounder footwear with its environmentally-sounder Earthkeepers Collection, which goes on sale October 15th. The waterproof men's and women's boots are made with organic cotton canvas, and partially recycled linings and outsoles.

Available now, several fall styles have linings made with 70% recycled PET bottle plastic. For Men: Groovy laceless Caliburn ($90), lace-up Mount Keenan ($80) and smooth Martlar T Toe oxfords, swift Scoll sportsters ($90). For Women: Ever-chic Baldaci Ballerinas ($75) in a fall pallette, or suede/leather loafers or oxfords (all, $80).

Timberland is using 15-100% organic cotton in its sweaters, too.

Bonus: Get a recycled tote bag with a purchase of $100 or more (alas, not difficult to spend if you throw in a trendy and practical Smartwool newsboy cap, $33).

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