Friday, April 27, 2007

Organic Performance Polo for Her

Patagonia's hip new Gal-Fer shirt, $45, delivers Burberry looks at half the price, in a versatile, green performance blend of 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester.

Not only is the fabric durable and breathable, this shirt’s a multitasker, combining sport and style with an open polo collar and girly puffed sleeves. We couldn’t resist this hot look which will keep you cool while bouldering, biking or lounging.

In blackberry, pink, blue or gold with subtle chest stripes.Check out Patagonia’s garment takeback/recycling program, too.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eco Chic and Cheap

Every big design house is doing pendants on black silk cords, and then of course there’s the charm thing. But who knows where and how the costly things were made? Enter these perfectly stylish, understated and absurdly underpriced charm necklaces with a patrician green lineage.
Kanthi silver pendants in traditional shapes–spades, for instance, delicately engraved with crescent moons and stars–alternate with beads and wire wrapping on adjustable black cords.

They’re made at home by craftswomen of the Barefoot College, in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India. The college was founded 30 years ago to help poor rural communities support themselves while preserving their culture and environment. In the Barefoot villages, rainwater is collected and all electricity is generated by solar panels. Artisans and builders recycle and reuse agricultural waste, paper, scrap metal and cloth.

A single necklace is $5, and you can get and give three for $12, or 10 for $20. Plus, the non-profit Friends of Tilonia is offering free shipping to Greenerpenny readers. Who can resist? I couldn’t. My necklace is light and bright and makes me feel like a wild swan.
Go to and enter the code Penny07 for free shipping.